Overall rating

The rating includes those who indicated their data at the registration desk. More you run and more often participate in promotions, the higher your rating, and, accordingly, the greater contribution to the charity Kilometers of Good movement. Learn your personal achievements here.

#Place Participant Distance Promotions Sex
14Smorodin Aleksandr5 km3male
25Tokarev Viktor Ivanovich4 km1male
35Arkadiy Lapuhin4 km1male
47Baskakov Evgeniy Sergeevich2 km1male
59Viktor0 km1male
67Roman2 km1male
77Sasha2 km1male
87Andreev Andrey2 km1male
97Andrey2 km1male
107Arkadiy2 km1male
117Ivan2 km1male
127Aleksey2 km1male
135Morozov Sasha4 km2male
147Ilyyas2 km1male
152Mughchina18 km2male
165Devushka24 km1male
177lapuhin2 km1male
187lapuhin.m2 km1male
197Shilyaev Pavel2 km1male
207Valeriy2 km1male
219Eremin Andrey0 km1male
229Lasykov Sergey0 km1male
237Rabadghi Dmitriy2 km1male
247Ushakov Sergey2 km1male
257Nenashev Sergey2 km1male
267Krivoschekov Sergey2 km1male
277Zvyagin Nikolay2 km1male
289Shepilov Sergey0 km1male
299Feoktistov Vadim0 km1male
309Kovtunov Evgeniy0 km1male
317Shohov Dmitriy2 km1male
327Zakirov Oleg2 km1male
337Marchenkov Vadim2 km1male
347Koroly Sergey2 km1male
357Chereshenkov Pavel2 km1male
367Shohov Maksim2 km1male
377Pavlov Konstantin2 km1male
389Dremov Vladimir0 km1male
397Velikorechin Vladimir2 km1male
409Belousov Vladislav0 km1male
417Nasledov Fedor2 km1male
427Rassoha Ilyya2 km1male
437Moskalev Maksim2 km1male
447Nighegorodcev Viktor2 km1male
457Sychev Valeriy2 km1male
467Bezborodov Andrey2 km1male
477Ryazanov Sergey2 km1male
487Pershin Sergey2 km1male
497Galeev Murat2 km1male
509Sarvatdinov Rinat0 km1male
517Chernyshev Stanislav2 km1male
527Shumov Kirill2 km1male
539Korsakov Vyacheslav0 km1male
549Shencov Yuriy0 km1male
557Gavrilov Dmitriy2 km1male
569Musin Ilygam0 km1male
579Trishkin Vitaliy0 km1male
587Plotnikov Sergey2 km1male
599Shepely Aleksey0 km1male
609Kolmakov Dmitriy0 km1male
617Bezdolynov Yuriy2 km1male
627Kanaev Konstantin2 km1male
637Bersenev Aleksey2 km1male
647Tarasov Konstantin2 km2male
657Sergey Nikolaevich2 km1male
667Ushakov Vladimir2 km1male
677Isebaev Erik2 km1male
687Ilyya2 km1male
697Ivanov Aleksandr2 km1male
707Berchenko Aleksandr2 km1male
719Shesterkin Aleksandr0 km1male
726Figlovskiy Aleksandr3 km2male
736Kiselev Sergey3 km2male
747Mezinov Vasiliy2 km1male
756Rybakov Aleksey3 km2male
767Pozin Mihail2 km1male
777Volkov Aleksey2 km1male
787Barhotkin Nikolay2 km1male
796Sychev Andrey Vasilyevich3 km2male
807Rashnikov Viktor2 km1male
817Melynikov Andrey2 km1male
827Sutyagin Mihail2 km1male
837Vladimirov Vladimir2 km1male
847Koroly Danil2 km1male
857Vladimirov Vladimir2 km1male
867Rezepkin Oleg2 km1male
877Gusev Aleksandr2 km1male
887Safin Evgeniy2 km1male
897Sopov Ivan2 km1male
909Toporkov Sergey0 km1male
917Strighi 12 km1male
927Strighi 22 km1male
937Kuzymin Aleksey2 km1male
947Strighi 32 km1male
957Chernenko Denis2 km1male
967Strighi 42 km1male
977Strighi 52 km1male
987Zaycev Aleksey2 km1male
997Fokeev Yuriy2 km1male
1007Baharaev Denis2 km1male