Overall rating

The rating includes those who indicated their data at the registration desk. More you run and more often participate in promotions, the higher your rating, and, accordingly, the greater contribution to the charity Kilometers of Good movement. Learn your personal achievements here.

#Place Participant Distance Promotions Sex
18Ipkeeva Anna0 km0female
28Ipkeeva Anna0 km0female
38Ipkeeva Anna0 km0female
480 km0male
580 km0male
64Tokarev Viktor Ivanovich4 km1male
74Arkadiy Lapuhin4 km1male
86Baskakov Evgeniy Sergeevich2 km1male
96Polyanskaya Elizaveta2 km1female
106Panova Larisa2 km1female
111Vasilyeva Elena10 km1female
126Margarita2 km1female
138Viktor0 km1male
146Mayya2 km1female
156Roman2 km1male
166Sasha2 km1male
176Andreev Andrey2 km1male
186Andrey2 km1male
196Arkadiy2 km1male
206Elena2 km1female
216Ivan2 km1male
226Aleksey2 km1male
236Ilyyas2 km1male
244Devushka24 km1male
256Marina2 km1female
268Marishka0 km1female
276lapuhin2 km1male
286lapuhin.m2 km1male
296Shilyaev Pavel2 km1male
306Valeriy2 km1male
318Eremin Andrey0 km1male
328Lasykov Sergey0 km1male
336Rabadghi Dmitriy2 km1male
346Ushakov Sergey2 km1male
356Nenashev Sergey2 km1male
366Krivoschekov Sergey2 km1male
376Zvyagin Nikolay2 km1male
388Shepilov Sergey0 km1male
398Feoktistov Vadim0 km1male
408Kovtunov Evgeniy0 km1male
416Samoylova Oksana2 km1female
426Sokolova Natalyya2 km1female
436Shohov Dmitriy2 km1male
446Zakirov Oleg2 km1male
456Marchenkov Vadim2 km1male
466Koroly Sergey2 km1male
476Chereshenkov Pavel2 km1male
486Shohov Maksim2 km1male
496Pavlov Konstantin2 km1male
508Dremov Vladimir0 km1male
516Velikorechin Vladimir2 km1male
528Belousov Vladislav0 km1male
536Nasledov Fedor2 km1male
546Rassoha Ilyya2 km1male
556Moskalev Maksim2 km1male
566Rassoha Viktoriya2 km1female
578Rassoha Karolina0 km1female
586Nighegorodcev Viktor2 km1male
596Skarlygina Elena2 km1female
606Sychev Valeriy2 km1male
616Bezborodov Andrey2 km1male
626Ryazanov Sergey2 km1male
636Pershin Sergey2 km1male
646Galeev Murat2 km1male
658Sarvatdinov Rinat0 km1male
666Kursevich Marina2 km1female
678Verhovodova Elena0 km1female
686Habibullina Dinara2 km1female
696Zinurova Marina2 km1female
706Chernyshev Stanislav2 km1male
716Shumov Kirill2 km1male
728Mihaylenko Irina0 km1female
736Kudryavceva Mlada2 km1female
748Biryuk Olyga0 km1female
756Schebunyaeva Lyubovy2 km1female
768Korsakov Vyacheslav0 km1male
778Shencov Yuriy0 km1male
786Lyubina Anastasiya2 km1female
796Gavrilov Dmitriy2 km1male
808Musin Ilygam0 km1male
818Trishkin Vitaliy0 km1male
826Plotnikov Sergey2 km1male
838Shepely Aleksey0 km1male
848Kolmakov Dmitriy0 km1male
856Bezdolynov Yuriy2 km1male
866Simonova Elena2 km1female
876Kanaev Konstantin2 km1male
886Bersenev Aleksey2 km1male
896Sergey Nikolaevich2 km1male
906Ushakov Vladimir2 km1male
916Isebaev Erik2 km1male
926Ilyya2 km1male
936Ivanov Aleksandr2 km1male
946Berchenko Aleksandr2 km1male
958Shesterkin Aleksandr0 km1male
966Rashnikova Olyga2 km1female
978Kuznecova Irina0 km1female
988Kuznecova Ira0 km1female
996Mezinov Vasiliy2 km1male
1008Demina Yuliiya0 km1female