Overall rating

The rating includes those who indicated their data at the registration desk. More you run and more often participate in promotions, the higher your rating, and, accordingly, the greater contribution to the charity Kilometers of Good movement. Learn your personal achievements here.

#Place Participant Distance Promotions Sex
8019Tuhvatullina Irina0 km1female
8029Tyukavkina Tatyyana0 km1female
8031Tyurin Aleksandr10 km1male
8042Tyurin Sergey8 km1male
8055Tyurin Sergey Yuryevich4 km1male
8069Uartiy Evgaeniy0 km1male
8079Upchinova N.A0 km1female
8089Usmanov Artem0 km1male
8099Usomova0 km1female
8109Uspenskaya K.0 km1female
8119Ushakov A.A.0 km1male
8127Ushakov Vladimir2 km1male
8137Ushakov Sergey2 km1male
8149Fayzulina Tatyyana0 km1female
8155Faynberg4 km1female
8169Farukshin0 km1male
8179Farukshina0 km1female
8189Fateeva.M.A0 km1female
8199Fattahov Rashit0 km1male
8209Faezova Zarrina0 km0female
8217Fedonin Oleg2 km1male
8229Fedosova Tatyyana0 km1female
8239Fedotova Svetlana0 km1female
8249Feoktistov Vadim0 km1male
8256Figlovskiy Aleksandr3 km2male
8269Figlovskiy Aleksandr0 km1male
8279Filippova0 km1female
8287Fokeev Yuriy2 km1male
8299Fominyh Elena0 km1female
8305Fedorova4 km1female
8319Fedorova Ekaterina0 km1female
8327Fedorova Olyga2 km1female
8339Habarova Natalyya0 km1female
8349Habibulina Oksana0 km1female
8357Habibullina Dinara2 km1female
8369Hayrulin Ashat0 km1male
8379Hayrulina A,K.0 km1female
8389Hayrulina Alyfiya0 km1female
8399Hakieva Dinara0 km1female
8407Halezin Valeriy2 km1male
8417Hapikalova Alyfiya2 km1female
8429Haritonova Elena Anatolyevna0 km1female
8439Harchenko0 km1female
8449Hasanova0 km1female
8457Hayalieva Rimma2 km1female
8465Hipieva Zarina4 km1female
8479Hlevnova Daryya0 km1female
8489Hlopceva E.A.0 km1female
8497Hromova Larisa2 km1female
8507Hurtin Kirill2 km1male
8519Husainova0 km1female
8529Husainova Elena Mihaylovna0 km1female
8539Husnulina0 km1female
8549Careva Svetlana0 km1female
8559Cinkovskaya NAtalyya0 km1female
8569Cybizova Evgeniya0 km1female
8578Cymbalyuk Svetlana1 km1female
8589Chekmareva Yuliya0 km1female
8599Chelyaeva0 km1female
8607Chereshenkov Pavel2 km1male
8617Chereshenkova Elena Yuryevna2 km1female
8627Cherkasova I.V2 km1female
8637Chernenko Denis2 km1male
8649Chernikova Natalyya0 km1female
8659Chernicina Lyudmila0 km1female
8669Chernova0 km1female
8679Chernova Anna0 km1female
8687Chernyshev Stanislav2 km1male
8699Chernysheva P.G.0 km1female
8705Chigrina Mariya4 km1female
8719Chinyakova Natalyya Sergeevna0 km1female
8727Chlimenko Elena2 km1female
8739Chubina0 km1female
8749Chugunova Tatyyana0 km1female
8759Chudeckaya Svetlana0 km1female
8765Shabardin4 km1male
8779Shabrova0 km1female
8789Shagbalova Ayguly0 km1female
8795Shagina Aliya Anasovna4 km1female
8805Shaydullina4 km1female
8819Shayhlislamov A.M.0 km1male
8829Shaldymova Elena0 km1female
8839Shamars0 km1female
8843Shamenkov Vlad6 km1male
8859Shamsutdinova E.V.0 km1female
8869Shapshova Marina0 km1female
8879Sharafutbinov0 km1male
8889Sharafutdinova0 km1female
8899Shasimova Olyga0 km0female
8909Shatalov Mihail0 km1male
8919Shatinevskaya V.A.0 km1female
8929Shatkova Elena0 km1female
8939Shayahmetova0 km1female
8945Shvydkiy Arkadiy4 km1male
8959Shevcova Milana0 km0female
8969Shevchenko Kseniya0 km1female
8973Shedogub Natalyya6 km1female
8989Sheina0 km1female
8997Sheynova Svetlana Igorevna2 km1male
9007Shemetova Dina2 km1female