Overall rating

The rating includes those who indicated their data at the registration desk. More you run and more often participate in promotions, the higher your rating, and, accordingly, the greater contribution to the charity Kilometers of Good movement. Learn your personal achievements here.

#Place Participant Distance Promotions Sex
6017Zinurova Marina2 km1female
6029Znamenskiy Vadim0 km1male
6039Zolotova Svetlana0 km1female
6045Zonov Kiril4 km1male
6059Zotkin Sergey0 km1male
6069Zotkina Elena0 km1female
6079Zotova D.P.0 km1female
6089Zubareva Tatyyana0 km1female
6099Zubareva Tatyyana0 km1female
6109Zueva A.A.0 km1female
6119Zueva R.A.0 km1male
6129Zykova Mariya0 km1female
6137Ivan2 km1male
6149Ivan I0 km1male
6159Ivan M0 km1male
6169Ivannikov SSh№3 voleybol0 km1male
6179Ivanov SSh№3 voleybol0 km1male
6187Ivanov Aleksandr2 km1male
6199Ivanov Aleksandr0 km1male
6209Ivanov Aleksandr0 km1male
6215Ivanov Aleksandr Viktorovich4 km1male
6229Ivanov Maksim0 km1male
6239Ivanov Mihail Yuryevich0 km1male
6249Ivanova I.A.0 km1female
6259Ivanova Lyudmila0 km1female
6269Ivanova N V0 km1female
6279Ivanova Nadeghda Anatolyevna0 km1female
6289Ivanova Olyga0 km1female
6299Ivanova T Yu0 km1female
6309Ivanchenko A.Yu.0 km1female
6319Ivanchenko Vera0 km1female
6329Ivaschenko Anastasiya0 km1female
6339Ignatyeva Elena0 km1female
6349Ignatyuk Tatyyana0 km1female
6359Igolkina Elena0 km1female
6369Igumenov S.0 km0male
6379Igumenov Sergey0 km1male
6389Ierislya P.I0 km1male
6399Ighberdina A.S.0 km1female
6409Ighberdina Alybina0 km0male
6419Igheeva L.Yu.0 km1female
6429Ilyina Tatyyana0 km1female
6439Ilyyuschenko Irina V.0 km1female
6447Ilyya2 km1male
6459Ilyya N0 km1male
6469Ilyya P0 km1male
6477Ilyyas2 km1male
6487Ilyyasov Ilyyas2 km1male
6499Ilyyasova Galiya0 km1female
6507Imangulova Viktoriya2 km1female
6519Ipkeeva Anna0 km0female
6529Ipkeeva Anna0 km0female
6539Ipkeeva Anna0 km0female
6549Irina Z0 km1female
6559Irina N0 km1female
6569Irina O0 km1female
6579Irina P0 km1female
6589Irina R.0 km1female
6599Isaev Adam0 km1male
6607Isebaev Erik2 km1male
6619Iskanyyarova Elena0 km1female
6629Islamova E.V.0 km1female
6639Ismagilov0 km1male
6649Ismagilov Aleksandr0 km1male
6657Ismagilova Fsaldy2 km1female
6669Ismailova Ayna0 km1female
6679Ishakova Kaderiya0 km1female
6689Ishkinina N.A.0 km1female
6699Ishmatov Ramily Sh.0 km1male
6709KALININA Elena Alekseevna0 km1female
6719KIRILL A.0 km1male
6729Kabaev Aleksandr0 km1male
6739Kabaev Aleksandr0 km1male
6749Kabakov D.S.0 km1male
6759Kadyrov D.D.0 km1male
6769Kazakova Natalyya0 km1female
6779Kazancev Viktor0 km1male
6789Kazancevva0 km1female
6797Kazarmschikova Elena Viktorovna2 km1female
6809Kazinskaya TAtyyana0 km1female
6819Kazyra Yu.N.0 km1female
6829Kalimullina L.E.0 km1female
6839Kalinin Oleg0 km1male
6849Kalinina0 km1female
6859Kalinina Yuliya0 km1female
6867Kamaeva Larisa2 km1female
6877Kamalova Yana2 km1female
6889Kamburov0 km1male
6899Kamenev I.T.0 km0male
6909Kamenev I.T.0 km1male
6919Kanaev K.S.0 km1male
6927Kanaev Konstantin2 km1male
6939Kanarova Elena0 km1female
6949Kanieva O.I.0 km1female
6959Kanunnikova Galina0 km1female
6969Karamysheva Olyga0 km1female
6979Karepalova Natalyya0 km1female
6989Karimova Elena0 km1female
6999Karimova I.A.0 km1female
7007Karimova Olyga2 km1female