Overall rating

The rating includes those who indicated their data at the registration desk. More you run and more often participate in promotions, the higher your rating, and, accordingly, the greater contribution to the charity Kilometers of Good movement. Learn your personal achievements here.

#Place Participant Distance Promotions Sex
5019Evgrafova K.S.0 km1female
5029Evdokimova Aleksandra0 km1female
5039Evdokimova N.V.0 km1female
5049Evdokimova Natalyya0 km1female
5059Evreev Vladimir0 km1male
5069Evstifeeva Svetlana0 km1female
5079Egorkina Natalyya B.0 km1female
5089Egorova Tatyyana V.0 km1female
5099Egorycheva V.V.0 km1female
5109Egurieva0 km1female
5119Ekaterina Aleksandrovna S0 km1female
5129Ekaterina Gennadyevna M0 km1female
5139Ekaterina K0 km1female
5149Ekaterina P0 km1female
5159Ekaterina P0 km1female
5169Ekaterina S0 km1female
5177Elena2 km1female
5189Elena A0 km1female
5199Elena B0 km1female
5209Elena Vladimirovna M0 km1female
5219Elena Gennadyevna N0 km1female
5229Elena D0 km1female
5239Elena Z0 km1female
5249Elena K0 km1female
5259Elena M.0 km1female
5269Elena N0 km1female
5279Elena P0 km1female
5289Elena F0 km1female
5299Elepina Alina0 km1female
5309Emelyyanova0 km1female
5319Emelyyanova Anisa R.0 km1female
5329Emelyyanova Diana0 km1female
5339Emelyyanova N.E0 km1female
5349Ermakova Kseniya Petrovna0 km1female
5359Ermanova Daryya0 km1female
5369Ermachkova0 km1female
5379Erohin SSh3 voleybol0 km1male
5389Eremin Andrey0 km1male
5399Efimova0 km1female
5409Efimova Anastasiya0 km1female
5419Efimova Nailya0 km1female
5429Efimova Svetlana0 km1female
5439Efimova Yulya0 km1female
5449Efremenkova0 km1female
5459Efremova0 km1female
5469Efremova A.P.0 km1female
5479Efremova Anastasiya Petrovna0 km1female
5489Efremova Elena0 km1female
5497Gharko Aleksandr2 km1male
5509Gharko N.G.0 km1female
5515Ghvykina Natalyya4 km1female
5529Ghighina Daryya0 km1female
5539Ghilyakova0 km1female
5549Ghitnikova Svetlana0 km1female
5559Ghornik Sergey0 km1male
5565Ghukovskiy Maksim4 km1male
5579Ghukovskiy Maksim0 km1male
5589Zablinceva A.P.0 km1female
5599Zaborskaya Anastasiya0 km1female
5609Zaviruha SSh3 voleybol0 km1male
5619Zavyyalova0 km1female
5629Zavyyalova0 km1female
5639Zagrebina Nelli0 km1female
5649Zaikina N.V.0 km1female
5657Zaycev Aleksey2 km1male
5669Zaycev Sergey0 km1male
5679Zayceva E.M.0 km1female
5689Zayceva Nadeghda0 km1female
5699Zayceva Nadeghda0 km1female
5709Zayceva Natalyya Nikolaevna0 km1female
5717Zayceva Olyga2 km1female
5729Zakirov Gayaz0 km1male
5737Zakirov Oleg2 km1male
5749Zakirova Anastasiya0 km1female
5759Zakirova Elena0 km1female
5769Zakirova Tatyyana0 km1female
5779Zallipov I.R.0 km1male
5789Zamoyskaya Elina A.0 km1female
5799Zaporoghec0 km1female
5809Zaporoghec Natalyya0 km1female
5819Zaporoghec Oksana Valeryevna0 km1female
5829Zaruckaya0 km1female
5839Zaruckaya Svetlana0 km1female
5849Zaslavskaya Kristina0 km1female
5859Zasova Viktoriya0 km1female
5869Zaharova Elena0 km1female
5879Zaharova Lyudmila V.0 km1female
5889Zaharchenko Alena0 km1female
5897Zaharchenko Anastasiya2 km1female
5907Zvyagin Nikolay2 km1male
5919Zvyaginceva Yuliya0 km1male
5929Zemlyakov Vladislav0 km1male
5939Zerkina Tatyyana0 km1female
5949Zerkina. E.V0 km1female
5959Zernova Natalyya0 km1female
5969Zigangirova Aliya0 km1female
5979Zimina Galina0 km1female
5989Zinina Galina0 km1female
5999Zinovyev Grigoriy0 km1male
6009Zinovyeva Svetlana0 km1female