Overall rating

The rating includes those who indicated their data at the registration desk. More you run and more often participate in promotions, the higher your rating, and, accordingly, the greater contribution to the charity Kilometers of Good movement. Learn your personal achievements here.

#Place Participant Distance Promotions Sex
4019Goryacheva Irina0 km1female
4029Gostevskaya Galina0 km1female
4039Gotfrid Natalyya V.0 km1female
4049Gracheva N.V.0 km1female
4059Grashnin Dmitriy0 km1male
4069Grebenkin Nikita0 km1male
4079Grednyaeva Ekaterina0 km1female
4089Grigorevskaya Daryya0 km1female
4099Grigoriy O0 km1male
4109Gricay Larisa0 km1female
4117Grishanova Nina2 km1female
4125Grischenko Anastasiya4 km1female
4137Gromadskaya Olyga2 km1female
4149Gubadeeva Nina0 km1female
4159Gubaydullin Rif0 km1male
4169Gulakova Olyga0 km1female
4175Gumerova Minzalya4 km1female
4189Gumerova Minzalya Asagatovna0 km1female
4195Gunydyavina4 km1female
4209Gunydyavina Mariya Borisovna0 km1female
4219Gurema V.V.0 km1male
4229Gurina0 km1female
4239Gurina Oksana0 km1female
4249Guryyanova I.A.0 km1female
4259Guryyanova Irina0 km1female
4267Gusev Aleksandr2 km1male
4279Guseva Anastasiya0 km1female
4289Guseva Irina0 km1female
4299Guseva Irina Aleksandrovna0 km1female
4309DARYYa D0 km1female
4319DMITRIY A.0 km1male
4329Davydov SSh3 voleybol0 km1male
4339Davydova Natalyya0 km1female
4349Davydova Nina0 km1female
4359Danielyan0 km1female
4369Danielyan Elena0 km1female
4379Danilenko Ekaterina0 km1female
4389Daronova Eva0 km1female
4399Daronova Karina0 km1female
4409Daryya N0 km1female
4419Daryya S0 km1female
4429Dashilina E.G.0 km1female
4435Devushka24 km1male
4449Devyatchenko Svetlana0 km1male
4459Degtereva Tatyyana0 km1female
4469Degtyarev Viktor Yuryevich0 km1male
4479Degtyareva Tatyyana Yuryevna0 km1female
4489Dedkova O.A.0 km1female
4497Dedushkina Nadeghda2 km1female
4509Deybert Anna V.0 km1female
4519Deyneko Lyubovy0 km1female
4529Dem Anna0 km1female
4539Demenkova M.S.0 km1female
4549Demidkina A.V.0 km1female
4559Demina Yuliiya0 km1female
4566Demchenko Alybina3 km2female
4579Demchenko Alybina0 km1female
4587Demchenko I.V.2 km1female
4599Denisenko Olyga0 km1female
4609Denisova E.V.0 km1female
4615Denisova Lyubovy4 km1female
4629Denisova O.T.0 km1female
4637Denyaeva Svetlana2 km1female
4649Dergunova Kristina I.0 km1female
4657Desyatov Viktor2 km1male
4669Dghilomova0 km1female
4679Dzeba Liliya0 km1female
4689Dzeba Olyga0 km1female
4699Dilaktorskaya Olyga0 km1female
4709Dimov Nikita0 km1male
4719Dmitriev Artem0 km1male
4729Dmitrieva Ekaterina0 km1female
4739Dmitriy E0 km1male
4749Dmitriy P0 km1male
4759Dokuchaeva0 km1female
4769Dokuchaeva Irina0 km1female
4779Dolganova0 km1female
4789Dolgopolov Aleksandr0 km1male
4799Dolgopolov Aleksandr0 km1male
4807Doronina Tatyyana2 km1female
4819Doronina Tatyyana A.0 km1female
4829Dorofeeva E.I0 km1female
4839Docenko Pavel0 km1male
4847Drozdov Segrey2 km1male
4859Drozdova L.Yu.0 km1female
4869Dremov Vladimir0 km1male
4879Dudina Elena0 km1female
4887Dudkina Svetlana2 km1female
4897Dudorova Alina2 km1female
4909Dudushkin Denis0 km1male
4919Dusanova E.S.0 km1female
4929Dusmuhametova Yuliya0 km1female
4939Dyyakova N.A.0 km1female
4947Dyubinskaya Lyudmila2 km1female
4959Dyuryagina V.M.0 km1female
4969Dyuskina E.S.0 km1female
4979Demina Alyfiya0 km1female
4989Evgeniy S0 km1male
4999Evgeniy Sh0 km1male
5009Evgeniya Batyrova0 km1male