Overall rating

The rating includes those who indicated their data at the registration desk. More you run and more often participate in promotions, the higher your rating, and, accordingly, the greater contribution to the charity Kilometers of Good movement. Learn your personal achievements here.

#Place Participant Distance Promotions Sex
3019Zigangirova Aliya0 km1female
3029Zimina Galina0 km1female
3039Zinovyev Grigoriy0 km1male
3049Zinovyeva Svetlana0 km1female
3057Zinurova Marina2 km1female
3069Znamenskiy Vadim0 km1male
3079Zolotova Svetlana0 km1female
3085Zonov Kiril4 km1male
3099Zotkin Sergey0 km1male
3109Zubareva Tatyyana0 km1female
3117Ivan2 km1male
3127Ivanov Aleksandr2 km1male
3139Ivanov Aleksandr0 km1male
3145Ivanov Aleksandr Viktorovich4 km1male
3159Ivanov Mihail Yuryevich0 km1male
3169Ivanova I.A.0 km1female
3179Ivanova Lyudmila0 km1female
3189Ivanova N V0 km1female
3199Ivanova Nadeghda Anatolyevna0 km1female
3209Ivanova T Yu0 km1female
3219Ivanchenko Vera0 km1female
3229Ivaschenko Anastasiya0 km1female
3239Igumenov S.0 km0male
3249Igumenov Sergey0 km1male
3259Ierislya P.I0 km1male
3269Ighberdina Alybina0 km0male
3277Ilyya2 km1male
3289Ilyya N0 km1male
3297Ilyyas2 km1male
3307Ilyyasov Ilyyas2 km1male
3319Ilyyasova Galiya0 km1female
3327Imangulova Viktoriya2 km1female
3339Ipkeeva Anna0 km0female
3349Ipkeeva Anna0 km0female
3359Ipkeeva Anna0 km0female
3369Isaev Adam0 km1male
3377Isebaev Erik2 km1male
3389Ismagilov0 km1male
3397Ismagilova Fsaldy2 km1female
3409Ishakova Kaderiya0 km1female
3419Kabaev Aleksandr0 km1male
3427Kazarmschikova Elena Viktorovna2 km1female
3439Kazinskaya TAtyyana0 km1female
3449Kalinina0 km1female
3457Kamaeva Larisa2 km1female
3467Kamalova Yana2 km1female
3479Kamenev I.T.0 km0male
3489Kamenev I.T.0 km1male
3497Kanaev Konstantin2 km1male
3509Kanunnikova Galina0 km1female
3517Karimova Olyga2 km1female
3528Karlagachev Dmitriy (RUS)1 km1male
3535Kartunova Ekaterina4 km1female
3547Karyagina Kseniya2 km1female
3559Kataev Kirill0 km1male
3569Kateeva0 km1female
3579Katkova Olyga0 km1female
3589Kashapova0 km1female
3599Keleba Roman0 km1male
3605Ketuhov Yuriy4 km1male
3617Kiluv Yuliya2 km1female
3629Kirghackih Marina0 km1female
3637Kirik Konstantin2 km1male
3647Kirillova A.Yu2 km1female
3659Kirina Lyubovy0 km1female
3669Kirinkina Elena0 km1female
3679Kirova Irina0 km1female
3689Kirpicheva O.P.0 km1female
3699Kirsanova Vera0 km1female
3706Kiselev Sergey3 km2male
3719Kiseleva E.B.0 km1female
3729Kislyakova Olyga0 km1female
3739Kitaeva Mariya0 km1female
3749Kichugin Danil0 km1male
3759Klyshta Aleksandra0 km1female
3767Klyushina Elena2 km1female
3777Kmecyak Elena2 km1female
3789Knyazeva Roza0 km1female
3799Kovalenko0 km1female
3809Kovalenko Yuliya0 km1female
3819Kovtunov Evgeniy0 km1male
3829Kozlov Aleksandr0 km1male
3839Kozlov Nikolay0 km1male
3849Kozlova Irina0 km1female
3859Kozlova Olyga0 km1female
3867Kozlova Svetlana2 km1female
3879Kokareva Natalyya Vladimirovna0 km1female
3889Kokoreva Natalyya0 km1female
3899Kolebanova Olyga0 km1female
3909Kolesnikova0 km1female
3919Kolmakov Dmitriy0 km1male
3928Kolmykov Sergey1 km1male
3939Kolobynin Aleksey0 km1male
3949Kolomkova Anna0 km1female
3959Kolpakova Viktoriya0 km1female
3969Kolyazova Gelena0 km1female
3979Komarova Elena0 km1female
3989Kondratyuk Natalyya0 km1female
3999Konon Alina0 km1female
4009Koretnih A0 km1female