Overall rating

The rating includes those who indicated their data at the registration desk. More you run and more often participate in promotions, the higher your rating, and, accordingly, the greater contribution to the charity Kilometers of Good movement. Learn your personal achievements here.

#Place Participant Distance Promotions Sex
2019Bobyry Yu.Yu.0 km1female
2029Bogatyreva Lyudmila0 km1female
2039Bogatyreva Lyudmila0 km1female
2047Bogdanova Natalyya2 km1female
2059Bogdanova Svetlana0 km1female
2069Bolkun Natalyya0 km1female
2079Bondarenko Tatyyana0 km0female
2089Bondeko0 km1female
2099Bondeko Marina0 km1female
2107Bondyaeva Klavdiya Vasilyevna2 km1female
2119Borisov0 km1male
2129Borovik A.S.0 km1male
2139Borovik Anton0 km0male
2149Borovickaya Tatyyana0 km1female
2159Borovkova Elena0 km1female
2169Borodina Nadeghda0 km1female
2179Bortnikova Larisa0 km1female
2189Bochkareva Olyga0 km1female
2199Bragina Tatyyana0 km1female
2209Bronskih Anastasiya0 km1female
2219Bruncova0 km1female
2229Bryskina T.A.0 km1female
2239Bubkova G.0 km1female
2249Bugrenkova E.A.0 km1female
2259Budakov Andrey0 km1male
2269Budakov Andrey0 km1male
2279Budov Egor0 km1male
2289Buzikova T.M.0 km1female
2299Bukatnikova Irina0 km1female
2309Bulygina Olyga0 km1female
2317Buravcov2 km1male
2329Burdina Elena P.0 km1female
2339Burmenko0 km1female
2349Burmenko0 km1male
2357Busseruely Amina Benatievna2 km1female
2369Busygina R.R.0 km1female
2379Butaeva Natalyya0 km1female
2389Buhanko A.V.0 km1male
2399Buhtoyarova Elena0 km1female
2409Buyankina Regina V.0 km1female
2419Bykova Elena0 km1female
2429Bykova Yuliya0 km1female
2439Bykova Yuliya0 km1female
2449Bychkova A.A.0 km1male
2459Vavilov V.A.0 km1male
2469Vavilova Elena0 km1female
2479Vadim R0 km1male
2489Valeeva Natalyya0 km1female
2499Valentina B.0 km1female
2507Valeriy2 km1male
2519Valeriya K0 km1female
2529Valykova0 km0female
2539Vandysheva I.E.0 km1female
2549Varanica O.R.0 km1female
2559Varganova V.N.0 km1female
2569Varezschenko Yuliya0 km1female
2577Varivoda Raisa2 km1female
2582Vasilenko V.E.8 km1female
2599Vasilenko Valentina0 km1female
2608Vasilenkova Asiya1 km1female
2619Vasilenkova Asiya0 km1female
2629Vasilenkova Asya0 km1female
2639Vasilenkova N.V.0 km1female
2647Vasilenkova Natalyya2 km1female
2659Vasilyev V.A.0 km1male
2668Vasilyev Valeriy1 km1male
2679Vasilyeva Vasilina0 km1female
2689Vasilyeva Vasilina0 km1female
2691Vasilyeva Elena10 km1female
2709Vasilyeva N.V.0 km1female
2719Vasilyeva Natalyya0 km1female
2729Vasilyeva Olyga0 km1female
2739Vatorina A.A.0 km1female
2749Vahitova Gulynaz G.0 km1female
2759Vahrameeva G.V.0 km1female
2769Vahterova0 km1female
2779Vdovceva Lyudmila0 km1female
2789Vedomenko Olyga0 km1female
2799Vedyakina Anna0 km1female
2809Veghbinskiy SSh№3 voleybol0 km1male
2817Velikorechin Vladimir2 km1male
2829Verevko A.A.0 km1male
2839Veronika S0 km1female
2849Verstov Ivan0 km1male
2859Vertyakov Aleksandr0 km1male
2869Verhovodova Elena0 km1female
2879Verhovodova Elena0 km1female
2887Vershinina Ekaterina2 km1female
2899Vesyutova L.B.0 km0female
2909Vesyutova L.B.0 km1female
2919Vigerina0 km1female
2929Viktor0 km1male
2939Viktor G0 km1male
2949Vilkov A.A.0 km1male
2959Vilkov Aleksey0 km1male
2969Vilyde E.D.0 km1female
2975Vilyde Ekaterina4 km1female
2989Vitaliy P0 km1male
2999Vitalina F0 km1female
3008Vityugov Ilyya (RUS)1 km1male