Overall rating

The rating includes those who indicated their data at the registration desk. More you run and more often participate in promotions, the higher your rating, and, accordingly, the greater contribution to the charity Kilometers of Good movement. Learn your personal achievements here.

#Place Participant Distance Promotions Sex
1017Krivoschekov Pavel Sergeevich2 km1male
1027Tansykbaev Ruslan2 km1male
1037Fedonin Oleg2 km1male
1047Avdonin Nikita2 km1male
1057Siragh Aleksandr2 km1male
1067Lukyyanov Artem Aleksandrovich2 km1male
1077Lushikov Evgeniy2 km1male
1087Gharko Aleksandr2 km1male
1097Antipin Danila2 km1male
1107Ilyyasov Ilyyas2 km1male
1117Sheynova Svetlana Igorevna2 km1male
1129Nazar A0 km1male
1139Ilyya N0 km1male
11490 km0male
1158Andreev Mihail1 km1male
1168Biserov Aleksandr1 km1male
1179Yakupov Vadim0 km1male
1188Armer Valeriy1 km1male
1198Armer Dmitriy1 km1male
1208Girin Dmitriy1 km1male
1218Kolmykov Sergey1 km1male
1229Dolgopolov Aleksandr0 km1male
1239Bibik Petr0 km1male
1249Koryakin Andrey0 km1male
1258Sluev Igory (RUS)1 km1male
1268Karlagachev Dmitriy (RUS)1 km1male
1278Vityugov Ilyya (RUS)1 km1male
1288Stepanko Yaroslav (RUS)1 km1male
1298Naumov Stepan (RUS)1 km1male
1308Mastnak Tim (SLO)1 km1male
1318Mastnak Robert (SLO)1 km1male
1328Magruc Rok (SLO)1 km1male
1338Homza Polat (TUR)1 km1male
1349Paul Marks (GER)0 km1male
1359ZHANG Chaunyao (CHN)0 km1male
1368BAUMEISTER Stefan (GER)1 km1male
1378HUBER Elias (GER)1 km1male
1388ARTINA Matteo (ITA)1 km1male
1398BAGOZZA Daniele (ITA)1 km1male
1408BORMOLINI Maurizio (ITA)1 km1male
1418AARON March (ITA)1 km1male
1428CORATTI Edwin (ITA)1 km1male
1438FELICETTI Mirko (ITA)1 km1male
1448Kwiatkowski Oskar (POL)1 km1male
1458Nowaczyk Michal (POL)1 km1male
1468Vasilyev Valeriy1 km1male
1475Ivanov Aleksandr Viktorovich4 km1male
1489Ivanov Mihail Yuryevich0 km1male
1499Litvinenko Roman Yuryevich0 km1male
1509Igumenov Sergey0 km1male
1519Shinkaruk Aleksey Aleksandrovich0 km1male
1529Degtyarev Viktor Yuryevich0 km1male
1539Novgorodov Vitaliy Vladimirovich0 km1male
1549Golushkov Ilyya Sergeevich0 km1male
15590 km0male
1569Petrov Petr0 km0male
1579Yakovlev0 km1male
1589Astrahancev0 km1male
1599Nemcev0 km1male
1609Yashina0 km1male
1619Pichugin0 km1male
1629Burmenko0 km1male
1639Ismagilov0 km1male
1649Borisov0 km1male
1659Omeschuk0 km1male
1669Anikin0 km1male
1679Putehin0 km1male
1689Makarov0 km1male
1695Lednev4 km1male
1709Shigapov0 km1male
1715Koroly Valeriy4 km1male
1727Agafonov Dmitriy2 km1male
1739Safonov Pavel0 km1male
1749Menuhov Petr0 km1male
1759Muhin Yaroslav0 km1male
1769Zaycev Sergey0 km1male
1779Perebalin Zahar0 km1male
1787Goncharov Danil2 km1male
1795Zonov Kiril4 km1male
1802Tyurin Sergey8 km1male
1811Tyurin Aleksandr10 km1male
1825Tyurin Sergey Yuryevich4 km1male
1837Drozdov Segrey2 km1male
1849Gololob Andrey0 km1male
1855Lednev Aleksandr4 km1male
1869Kichugin Danil0 km1male
1879Timoshenko Matvey0 km1male
1889Dolgopolov Aleksandr0 km1male
1899Tarasov Konstanitin0 km1male
1909Sayfulin Danily0 km1male
1919Kozlov Nikolay0 km1male
1927Bikyyanov Damir2 km1male
1939Lednev Aleksandr0 km0male
1949Moloteev Sasha0 km1male
1959Plotnikov Anatoliy0 km1male
1963Trunin Nikita6 km1male
1979Sokolov Kostya0 km1male
1983Shamenkov Vlad6 km1male
1997Morficin Sergey2 km1male
2009Smorghevskiy Stepan0 km1male