Overall rating

The rating includes those who indicated their data at the registration desk. More you run and more often participate in promotions, the higher your rating, and, accordingly, the greater contribution to the charity Kilometers of Good movement. Learn your personal achievements here.

#Place Participant Distance Promotions Sex
190 km0male
290 km0male
38AARON March (ITA)1 km1male
48ARTINA Matteo (ITA)1 km1male
58BAGOZZA Daniele (ITA)1 km1male
68BAUMEISTER Stefan (GER)1 km1male
78BORMOLINI Maurizio (ITA)1 km1male
88CORATTI Edwin (ITA)1 km1male
98FELICETTI Mirko (ITA)1 km1male
108HUBER Elias (GER)1 km1male
118Homza Polat (TUR)1 km1male
129JI Xiaoou (CHN)0 km1female
138KUMMER Patrizia (SUI)1 km1female
148Kotnik Gloria (SLO)1 km1female
158Kwiatkowski Oskar (POL)1 km1male
168Magruc Rok (SLO)1 km1male
178Mastnak Robert (SLO)1 km1male
188Mastnak Tim (SLO)1 km1male
198Nowaczyk Michal (POL)1 km1male
208OCHNER Nadya (ITA)1 km1female
219Paul Marks (GER)0 km1male
227Vladimirov Vladimir2 km1male
237Vladimirova Mirela2 km1female
249ZHANG Chaunyao (CHN)0 km1male
259ALEKSANDR A.0 km1male
269ALEKSEY A.0 km1male
279ALINA A.0 km1female
289Abdeeva Sayma0 km1female
299Ablicova Natalyya0 km1female
309Abramova0 km1female
319Abramova L.R.0 km1female
327Abramova Liliya2 km1female
339Abusykaeva Rushaniya0 km1male
347Avdonin Nikita2 km1male
359Avilova Elena0 km1female
369Agafonov Aleksey0 km1male
377Agafonov Dmitriy2 km1male
389Azarenkova L.A.0 km1female
397Azarenkova Lyusyena2 km1female
409Aida Sh0 km1female
419Aitova Svetlana0 km1female
429Aleksandr G0 km1male
439Aleksandr Z.0 km1male
449Aleksandr M0 km1male
459Aleksandr N0 km1male
469Aleksandr F0 km1male
479Aleksandrova0 km1female
489Aleksandrova Natalyya0 km1female
493Aleksandrova Ekaterina6 km1female
509Aleksandrova Gheka0 km1female
519Aleksandrova L.V.0 km1female
529Alekseeva N.Yu.0 km1female
539Alekseeva Natalyya Yuryevna0 km1female
547Aleksey2 km1male
557Alehnikova Natalyya2 km1female
569Alisa Z.0 km1female
575Alfeeva Natalyya4 km1female
589Alybert G.0 km1male
599Alybina K0 km1female
609Alymira K0 km1female
619Alymuhometov Roman0 km1male
629Alymuhometova Tatyyana0 km1female
639Alyabyeva Tamara0 km1female
649Anastasiya M0 km1female
659Anastasiya O0 km1female
667Andreev Andrey2 km1male
678Andreev Mihail1 km1male
689Andreev Mihail V0 km1male
699Andreeva0 km1female
709Andreeva Anna V.0 km1female
719Andreeva Kristina0 km1female
727Andreeva Mariya2 km1female
739Andreeva Svetlana Aleksandrovna0 km1female
747Andrey2 km1male
759Andrey G0 km1male
769Andrey L.0 km1male
779Andryuschenko Kseniya0 km1female
789Anikin0 km1male
799Anisimova Svetlana0 km1female
809Anna V0 km1female
819Anna D.0 km1female
829Anna Z0 km1female
839Anna Kiseleva0 km1female
849Antipanova O.E.0 km1female
857Antipin Danila2 km1male
868Antipina Elena1 km1female
879Antonenko Valeriy0 km1male
889Antonina Gh.0 km1female
899Antonova0 km1female
909Antonova0 km1female
919Antonova Alla Ilyinichna0 km1female
929Antonova L.B.0 km1female
939Antonova Natalyya0 km1female
949Antonyeva Alla0 km1female
959Aozovskaya0 km1female
969Arabova L.V.0 km1female
979Arapova D.Yu.0 km1female
989Arapova Larisa0 km1female
999Arapova Larisa Viktorovna0 km1female
1007Arapova Marina2 km1female