Overall rating

The rating includes those who indicated their data at the registration desk. More you run and more often participate in promotions, the higher your rating, and, accordingly, the greater contribution to the charity Kilometers of Good movement. Learn your personal achievements here.

#Place Participant Distance Promotions Sex
19olir0 km1female
27mrankova Elena2 km1female
39mischenko0 km1female
47lapuhin.m2 km1male
57lapuhin2 km1male
69kruglyakova0 km1female
79kashapova0 km0female
89detkova0 km1female
95vartanyan4 km1female
109bashkova0 km1female
119Yashkina0 km1female
129Yashkina0 km1female
139Yashina0 km1male
149Yachmenenva O.Yu.0 km1female
159Yahina A.A.0 km1female
169Yarygina Liliya Genadyevna0 km1female
179Yarovikov V.N.0 km1male
189Yarovaya Natalyya0 km1female
199Yarovaya N.V.0 km1female
209Yantimin Arsen0 km1male
217Yanova Nadeghda2 km1female
225Yalunina4 km1female
239Yakupov Vadim0 km1male
249Yakovleva Natalyya V.0 km1female
259Yakovlev0 km1male
269Yakova O.S0 km1female
279Yadykina V.A.0 km1female
289Yushanova Olyga0 km1female
299Yurchenko S.A.0 km1female
309Yurochkina O.V.0 km1female
319Yurkin SSh№3 voleybol0 km1male
329Yuriy D0 km1male
339Yunusova Sabina0 km1female
349Yunusova Sabilya Shavkatovna0 km1female
359Yunusov0 km1male
369Yunkevich A.A.0 km1female
379Yuliya T0 km1female
389Yuliya S0 km1female
399Yuliya S0 km1female
409Yuliya P0 km1female
419Yuliya K.0 km1female
429Yudina Lera0 km1female
439Yudina Ksyusha0 km1female
449YuLIYa A.0 km1female
459Scherbinina0 km1female
469Scherbinin Sergey0 km1male
479Scherbakova Svetlana0 km1female
489Scherbakova Natalyya0 km1female
499Scherbakova Evgeniya0 km1female
509Scherbak Yana0 km1female
519Scheluchenkova0 km1female
529Schelokova Kseniya0 km1female
539Schelkunova I.T.0 km1female
547Schebunyaeva Lyubovy2 km1female
559Shustikova Yu.N.0 km1female
569Shumov Kirill S.0 km1male
577Shumov Kirill2 km1male
589Shuyskaya Evgeniya0 km1male
599Shuyskaya0 km1female
609Shuba Larisa0 km1female
617Shohov Maksim2 km1male
627Shohov Dmitriy2 km1male
639Shobuhova E.V.0 km1female
649Shnayder Yu.V.0 km1female
659Shmeleva0 km0female
669Shlychkova Zinfira0 km1female
679Shlafman T.F.0 km1female
689Shkuropatskaya Oksana0 km1female
699Shkolina Ekaterina A.0 km1female
709Shkafcova0 km1female
719Shiyahmetova Natalyya0 km1female
729Shiyahmetova Alybina0 km1female
735Shishkina Svetlana4 km1female
749Shishimorova E.S.0 km1female
759Shitnikova0 km1female
769Shirlo SSh№3 voleybol0 km1male
779Shirgazina Anastasiya0 km1female
789Shipilova Nadeghda0 km1female
799Shinkaruk Aleksey Aleksandrovich0 km1male
809Shinkaruk Aleksey0 km1male
819Shinareva Natalyya0 km1female
829Shimilova Irina0 km1female
837Shilyaev Pavel2 km1male
849Shilova Tatyyana0 km1female
859Shigarev Daulet0 km1male
869Shigapov0 km1male
879Shestopalova A.A.0 km1male
889Shestopalov Artem0 km1male
899Shesterkin Aleksandr0 km1male
909Sherdyukov Valeriy0 km1male
919Shepilov Sergey0 km1male
929Shepely Olesya0 km1female
935Shepely O.H.4 km1female
949Shepely Aleksey0 km1male
959Shencov Yuriy0 km1male
969Shemyakina Natalyya0 km1female
977Shemetova Natalyya2 km1female
989Shemetova Ekaterina0 km1female
997Shemetova Dina2 km1female
1009Shelygina Ya.A.0 km1female