Volunteers of Magnitogorsk to help children with cancer
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Volunteers of Magnitogorsk to help children with cancer

Date: 01.08 - 02.08

Treatment of children with cancer living in Magnitogorsk takes place in the regional center of Chelyabinsk.

In most cases, the specifics of such treatment involves a periodic visit to the clinics of the Chelyabinsk Regional Center to receive doses of chemotherapy, delivery of puncture, admission and examination by doctors. Moreover, after performing a set of procedures, patients are required to leave the clinic for several weeks and return to their place of residence in Magnitogorsk.

Thus, children and their parents have a constant need for trips to the Regional Center of Chelyabinsk and vice versa.

Families with such children need all possible assistance in transporting to the place of treatment in a specially equipped transport (social taxi).

All funds raised at today's action will go to pay for such vehicles in need.

Rating of the participants of the promotion

#PlaceParticipant Distance Sex Organization
11Antipin Danila2 кмmale
21Baykina Lyubovy2 кмfemale
31Bahmetyeva Nina2 кмfemale
41Belkina Olyga2 кмfemale
51Bondyaeva Klavdiya Vasilyevna2 кмfemale
61Busseruely Amina Benatievna2 кмfemale
71Varivoda Raisa2 кмfemale
81Gordina Tatyyana2 кмfemale
91Grishanova Nina2 кмfemale
101Dedushkina Nadeghda2 кмfemale
111Dudkina Svetlana2 кмfemale
121Gharko Aleksandr2 кмmale
131Zaharchenko Anastasiya2 кмfemale
141Ilyyasov Ilyyas2 кмmale
151Karimova Olyga2 кмfemale
161Kmecyak Elena2 кмfemale
171Kunakbaeva Alybina2 кмfemale
181Lushikov Evgeniy2 кмmale
191Nazarenko Natalyya2 кмfemale
201Nazarova Karolina2 кмfemale
211Seledcova Natalyya2 кмfemale
221Tomilova Svetlana2 кмfemale
231Hayalieva Rimma2 кмfemale
241Sheynova Svetlana Igorevna2 кмmale
251Shemetova Natalyya2 кмfemale
261Yanova Nadeghda2 кмfemale