Let's help Matvey together!
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Let's help Matvey together!

Date: 06.12 - 06.12
Place: Bannoye

At the World Cup stage, a charity action aimed at treating a child with cancer from entrance number 7 of the house on Karl Avenue Marx, 164, which was collapsed as a result Household gas explosion December 31, 2018. The tragedy claimed the lives of 39 people.

Matvey Ryndin - a boy of 17 years old lived at 7 entrance of house number 164 on Karla Avenue Marx, which was collapsed as a result Household gas explosion December 31, 2018.

After the tragedy that claimed the lives of 39 people, in a child during the examination revealed diagnosis: Hodgkin's lymphoma.


Rating of the participants of the promotion

#PlaceParticipant Distance Sex Organization
11AARON March (ITA)1 кмmale
21ARTINA Matteo (ITA)1 кмmale
31BAGOZZA Daniele (ITA)1 кмmale
41BAUMEISTER Stefan (GER)1 кмmale
51BORMOLINI Maurizio (ITA)1 кмmale
61CORATTI Edwin (ITA)1 кмmale
71FELICETTI Mirko (ITA)1 кмmale
81HUBER Elias (GER)1 кмmale
91Homza Polat (TUR)1 кмmale
101KUMMER Patrizia (SUI)1 кмfemale
111Kotnik Gloria (SLO)1 кмfemale
121Kwiatkowski Oskar (POL)1 кмmale
131Magruc Rok (SLO)1 кмmale
141Mastnak Robert (SLO)1 кмmale
151Mastnak Tim (SLO)1 кмmale
161Nowaczyk Michal (POL)1 кмmale
171OCHNER Nadya (ITA)1 кмfemale
181Andreev Mihail1 кмmale
191Antipina Elena1 кмfemale
201Armer Valeriy1 кмmale
211Armer Dmitriy1 кмmale
221Biserov Aleksandr1 кмmale
231Vasilenkova Asiya1 кмfemale
241Vasilyev Valeriy1 кмmale
251Vityugov Ilyya (RUS)1 кмmale
261Girin Dmitriy1 кмmale
271Girina Anna1 кмfemale
281Demchenko Alybina1 кмfemale
291Karlagachev Dmitriy (RUS)1 кмmale
301Kiselev Sergey1 кмmale
311Kolmykov Sergey1 кмmale
321Naumov Stepan (RUS)1 кмmale
331Rybakov Aleksey1 кмmale
341Rybakova Svetlana1 кмfemale
351Slobodkina Daryya (KZ)1 кмfemale
361Sluev Igory (RUS)1 кмmale
371Smorodin Aleksandr1 кмmale
381Stepanko Yaroslav (RUS)1 кмmale
391Sycheva Olyga1 кмfemale
401Sychev Andrey Vasilyevich1 кмmale
411Figlovskiy Aleksandr1 кмmale
421Cymbalyuk Svetlana1 кмfemale