Collection is closed. Collected 26000 rub.

Date: 15.07 - 31.08

Rating of the participants of the promotion

#PlaceParticipant Distance Sex Organization
11Shedogub Natalyya6 кмfemale
22Alfeeva Natalyya4 кмfemale
32Vilyde Ekaterina4 кмfemale
42Grischenko Anastasiya4 кмfemale
52Ghvykina Natalyya4 кмfemale
62Lukyyanova Anastasiya4 кмfemale
72Mironova Mariya4 кмfemale
82Savenok Marina4 кмfemale
92Sohach Olesya4 кмfemale
102Shishkina Svetlana4 кмfemale
113Abramova Liliya2 кмfemale
123Azarenkova Lyusyena2 кмfemale
133Antonova Lyudmila2 кмfemale
143Bekker Liliya2 кмfemale
153Bogdanova Natalyya2 кмfemale
163Vasilenkova Natalyya2 кмfemale
173Vishnyakova Tatyyana2 кмfemale
183Desyatov Viktor2 кмmale
193Doronina Tatyyana2 кмfemale
203Dyubinskaya Lyudmila2 кмfemale
213Imangulova Viktoriya2 кмfemale
223Kamaeva Larisa2 кмfemale
233Kamalova Yana2 кмfemale
243Kiluv Yuliya2 кмfemale
253Kirik Konstantin2 кмmale
263Kuznecova Yuliya2 кмfemale
273Lomakina Svetlana2 кмfemale
283Maryina Nadeghda2 кмfemale
293Novikova Anastasiya2 кмfemale
303Panasenko M.M2 кмmale
313Panova Anastasiya2 кмfemale
323Rezepina Elena2 кмfemale
333Romenska Aleksandra2 кмfemale
343Sibagatulina Liliya2 кмfemale
353Timeeva Elena2 кмfemale
363Tihomirova Mayya2 кмfemale
373Torop Evgeniy2 кмmale
383Fedorova Olyga2 кмfemale
393Halezin Valeriy2 кмmale
403Hurtin Kirill2 кмmale
413mrankova Elena2 кмfemale