Help for Children with Cancer
Collection is closed. Collected 112900 rub.

Help for Children with Cancer

Date: 17.07 - 31.07
Place: Park At the Eternal Flame

Treatment of children with cancer living in Magnitogorsk takes place in the regional center of Chelyabinsk.

In most cases, the specifics of such treatment involves a periodic visit to the clinics of the Chelyabinsk Regional Center to receive doses of chemotherapy, delivery of puncture, admission and examination by doctors. Moreover, after performing a set of procedures, patients are required to leave the clinic for several weeks and return to their place of residence in Magnitogorsk.

Thus, children and their parents have a constant need for trips to the Regional Center of Chelyabinsk and vice versa.

Families with such children need all possible assistance in transporting to the place of treatment in a specially equipped transport (social taxi).

All funds raised at today's action will go to pay for such vehicles in need.

Rating of the participants of the promotion

#PlaceParticipant Distance Sex Organization
11Kartunova Ekaterina4 кмfemale
22Vladimirov Vladimir2 кмmale
32Vladimirova Mirela2 кмfemale
42Avdonin Nikita2 кмmale
52Arapova Marina2 кмfemale
62Balandina Elena Igoryevna2 кмfemale
72Barhotkin Nikolay2 кмmale
82Baharaev Denis2 кмmale
92Bahmetyeva Elena2 кмfemale
102Bezborodov Andrey2 кмmale
112Bezdolynov Yuriy2 кмmale
122Bersenev Aleksey2 кмmale
132Berchenko Aleksandr2 кмmale
142Valeriy2 кмmale
152Velikorechin Vladimir2 кмmale
162Vladimirov Vladimir2 кмmale
172Vladimirova Miroslava2 кмfemale
182Volkov Aleksey2 кмmale
192Gavrilov Dmitriy2 кмmale
202Galeev Murat2 кмmale
212Gusev Aleksandr2 кмmale
222Demchenko Alybina2 кмfemale
232Denyaeva Svetlana2 кмfemale
242Dudorova Alina2 кмfemale
252Zaycev Aleksey2 кмmale
262Zakirov Oleg2 кмmale
272Zvyagin Nikolay2 кмmale
282Zinurova Marina2 кмfemale
292Ivanov Aleksandr2 кмmale
302Ilyya2 кмmale
312Isebaev Erik2 кмmale
322Kazarmschikova Elena Viktorovna2 кмfemale
332Kanaev Konstantin2 кмmale
342Karyagina Kseniya2 кмfemale
352Kiselev Sergey2 кмmale
362Klyushina Elena2 кмfemale
372Koroly Danil2 кмmale
382Koroly Sergey2 кмmale
392Krivoschekov Pavel Sergeevich2 кмmale
402Krivoschekov Sergey2 кмmale
412Kudryavceva Mlada2 кмfemale
422Kuzymin Aleksey2 кмmale
432Kulakova Nina2 кмfemale
442Kursevich Marina2 кмfemale
452Lukyyanov Artem Aleksandrovich2 кмmale
462Lyubina Anastasiya2 кмfemale
472Marchenkov Vadim2 кмmale
482Mezinov Vasiliy2 кмmale
492Melynikov Andrey2 кмmale
502Mitchina Natalyya2 кмfemale
512Morozov Sasha2 кмmale
522Moskalev Maksim2 кмmale
532Nasledov Fedor2 кмmale
542Nenashev Sergey2 кмmale
552Nighegorodcev Viktor2 кмmale
562Pavlov Konstantin2 кмmale
572Pershin Sergey2 кмmale
582Plotnikov Sergey2 кмmale
592Pozin Mihail2 кмmale
602Rabadghi Dmitriy2 кмmale
612Rassoha Viktoriya2 кмfemale
622Rassoha Ilyya2 кмmale
632Rashnikov Viktor2 кмmale
642Rashnikova Elena2 кмfemale
652Rashnikova Lelya2 кмfemale
662Rashnikova Olyga2 кмfemale
672Rezepkin Oleg2 кмmale
682Rybakov Aleksey2 кмmale
692Ryazanov Sergey2 кмmale
702Samoylova Oksana2 кмfemale
712Safin Evgeniy2 кмmale
722Sergey Nikolaevich2 кмmale
732Simonova Elena2 кмfemale
742Siragh Aleksandr2 кмmale
752Skarlygina Elena2 кмfemale
762Smorodin Aleksandr2 кмmale
772Smulyskaya Irina2 кмfemale
782Sokolova Natalyya2 кмfemale
792Sopov Ivan2 кмmale
802Strighi 12 кмmale
812Strighi 22 кмmale
822Strighi 32 кмmale
832Strighi 42 кмmale
842Strighi 52 кмmale
852Sutyagin Mihail2 кмmale
862Sychev Valeriy2 кмmale
872Sychev Andrey Vasilyevich2 кмmale
882Tansykbaev Ruslan2 кмmale
892Tarasov Konstantin2 кмmale
902Tverskaya Elena2 кмfemale
912Ushakov Vladimir2 кмmale
922Ushakov Sergey2 кмmale
932Fedonin Oleg2 кмmale
942Figlovskiy Aleksandr2 кмmale
952Fokeev Yuriy2 кмmale
962Habibullina Dinara2 кмfemale
972Chereshenkov Pavel2 кмmale
982Chereshenkova Elena Yuryevna2 кмfemale
992Chernenko Denis2 кмmale
1002Chernyshev Stanislav2 кмmale